This article focuses on the interactions between Cody and Gwen.

Overview Edit

Ever since arriving on the island, Cody has shown an attraction to Gwen, who did not reciprocate his feelings. Cody attempted to ask her out multiple times only to be rejected and injured in the groin every episode as he constantly interrupted the obvious romance between Gwen and Trent. Eventually, Cody figured out one another's feelings, and decided to set them up in Survival of the Craziest, instantly becoming one of Gwen's close friends and Trent's best friend.

My Total Drama Island Edit

Opening sequence Edit

Trent and Gwen share a tender moment near the campfire, but as they lean in closer to each other, Cody darts between them to ruin the romantic interaction, due to his interest in Gwen. Gwen is particularly shocked and unhappy at this interruption, while Trent is simply confused.

"Welcome to Wawanakwa" Edit

When Cody arrived to the island, he immediately spotted Gwen and flirted with her first though she demanded that he'd stop talking to her. Cody then follows Gwen to the girl's side of the Gopher cabin and compliments her intelligence whilst adding that he can relate. Gwen immediately asks if he's supposed to be on the boys' side which he answers with a sheepish smile prompting her to throw him out the door.

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