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Total Drama Island eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Justin Male Killer Bass 22nd Cliffdiver He refused to contribute to the team and left behind a crate essential to the team's win in order to protect his good looks.
Ezekiel Male Screaming Gophers 21st The Not-So-Great Outdoors He annoyed his team with failed attempts to prove his survival skills and angered the female members with his sexist comments.
Eva Female Killer Bass 20th Drama Bowl I Heather manipulated her into losing her temper, costing the Killer Bass the tie-breaker challenge.
Izzy Female Killer Bass 19th Survival of the Craziest Although she was not actually eliminated, the RCMP arrived to arrest her and she ran off screaming, "You'll never get me alive!"

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Total Drama All-Stars eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sierra Female Heroic Hamsters 14th Heroes vs. Villains She focused on interviewing the second generation contestants at the expense of performing well on the challenge.
Lightning Male Villainous Vultures 13th Evil Dread His arrogance, pride and stupidity annoyed his team, and his miscalculation caused them to lose the challenge.
Sam Male Heroic Hamsters 12th Food Fright He stuffed pieces of pancake in his pockets out of fear of being sent back to Boney Island. As he did not complete the challenge properly and made his team forfeit, he was voted out.
Cameron Male Villainous Vultures 11th Moon Madness He was injured severely, so Chris removed him from the competition.
Heather Female Villainous Vultures 10th No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition Alejandro was originally voted off, but because he found the invincibility statue, Heather was eliminated.
Duncan Male Heroic Hamsters 9th Suckers Punched Mal rigged the votes to eliminate him to ensure that he didn't reveal his identity to the other competitors.
Alejandro Male Villainous Vultures 8th You Regatta Be Kidding Me Mal knocked him off of his paddleboard before he could cross the finish line, ensuring that he finish in last place and be eliminated.
Jo Female Villainous Vultures 7th Zeek and Ye Shall Find She let Ezekiel attack the other campers in an attempt to win the challenge.

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