"Evil Dread"
Season 5, Episode 2
First aired 30 October 2015
Challenge(s) Dig up 3D puzzle pieces and use them to assemble an international landmark
Challenge reference "Can't Help Falling in Lourve" and "Awwwwww, Drumheller!"
Reward(s) Staying a night in the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel; a one minute head start in the next challenge
Winner(s) Heroic Hamsters
Exiled to Boney Island Sam
Eliminated Lightning
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"Heroes vs. Villains"
"Saving Private Leechball"

The contestants go digging through a beach for pieces of a statue from their world tour. A returned contestant plays former enemies for fools with his malady; two contestants are nothing but a hindrance to their teams; two power hungry contestants fight for control, one tries to prove he's abandoned his old ways; and another tries to help a friend when a new evil is awakened inside him. Ultimately, a show-off gets the flush after his team loses.

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Characters Edit

Team Character
Villainous Vultures Alejandro
Heroic Hamsters Cameron
Heroic Hamsters Courtney
Villainous Vultures Duncan
Villainous Vultures Gwen
Villainous Vultures Heather
Villainous Vultures Jo
Villainous Vultures Lightning
Heroic Hamsters Lindsay
Heroic Hamsters Mike
Heroic Hamsters Sam
Villainous Vultures Scott
Heroic Hamsters Zoey
Chris McLean
Chef Hatchet
Character debut
Speaking debut

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