"Heroes vs. Villains"
Season 5, Episode 1
Heroes vs Villains (5)
First aired 19 October 2015
Challenge(s) Dive into the lake to retrieve a key and stroll your teammate to the spa hotel
Challenge reference "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2" and "Broadway, Baby!"
Reward(s) Staying a night in the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel; shovels in the next challenge
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Cameo(s) Ezekiel
Exiled to Boney Island Lightning
Eliminated Sierra
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"Evil Dread"

Thirteen past contestants return for another chance to win one million dollars at a newly redeemed camp. Seven campers are deemed heroes, while the others are deemed villains (along with a robot). While competing for a new spa, old heartache rears its ugly head, and old rivals reunite. Shockingly, an archenemy returns to win it for his team, while one of the more insane campers is flushed away.

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Team Character
Villainous Vultures Alejandro  
Heroic Hamsters Cameron  
Heroic Hamsters Courtney  
Villainous Vultures Duncan  
Villainous Vultures Gwen  
Villainous Vultures Heather  
Villainous Vultures Jo  
Villainous Vultures Lightning  
Heroic Hamsters Lindsay  
Heroic Hamsters Mike  
Heroic Hamsters Sam  
Villainous Vultures Scott  
Heroic Hamsters Sierra  
Heroic Hamsters Zoey  
Chris McLean  
Chef Hatchet  
Character debut
Speaking debut

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