Heroic Hamsters
Heroic Hamsters Logo
Number of members 8
Highest ranking member TBA
Lowest ranking member Sierra, 14th place
Team selected by Chris

The Heroic Hamsters is one of two opposing teams in Total Drama All-Stars. It consists of Cameron, Courtney, Lindsay, Mike, Sam, Sierra, and Zoey due to their heroic actions in previous seasons.

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Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Sierra Female 14th 6th Heroes vs. Villains She focused more on interviewing the second generation than on the challenge.
Sam Male 12th 5th Food Fright He stuffed pieces of pancake in his pockets out of fear of being sent back to Boney Island. As he did not complete the challenge properly and made his team forfeit, he was voted out.
Duncan Male 9th 4th Suckers Punched Mal rigged the votes to eliminate Duncan to stop him from revealing his identity to Zoey.

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