"Moon Madness"
Season 5, Episode 5
Courtney attacked by a deer
First aired 13 November 2015
Challenge(s) Make it to the finish line during the Blue Harvest Moon with an unharmed animal.
Challenge reference "Finders Creepers" and "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!"
Reward(s) Staying a night in the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel; an advantage in the next challenge
Winner(s) Villainous Vultures
Exiled to Boney Island Scott
Eliminated Cameron
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"Food Fright"
"No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition"

During a rare Blue Harvest Moon, all of the wildlife is affected and becomes its opposite, causing usually savage animals to become docile, and turning normally gentle creatures into ravenous monsters that hunt the teams. Someone else is also affected, and he wreaks havoc on his teammates, leading one of them to remember that they met before. Meanwhile, one camper starts to question her allegiance to another, and tries to make amends with a new villain. Someone questions her partner's behavior, another steps up to lead their team, and former flames reach an understanding. Ultimately, when someone expresses interest in eliminating a threat, she is betrayed by a friendly camper and is switched onto the winning team when one of their members is too injured to continue.

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Team Character
Villainous Vultures Alejandro
Villainous Vultures Cameron
Heroic Hamsters Courtney
Heroic Hamsters Duncan
Villainous Vultures Gwen
Villainous Vultures Heather
Villainous Vultures Jo
Heroic Hamsters Lindsay
Heroic Hamsters Mike
Villainous Vultures Scott
Heroic Hamsters Zoey
Chris McLean
Chef Hatchet
Character debut
Speaking debut

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