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My Total Drama Action is the second season of RuleroftheBisons97's rewrite of the Total Drama series. It takes place on an abandoned film lot somewhere in Ontario. This season involved fourteen past fan favorites and twenty-two episodes. This season's main protagonist is TBA and the main antagonist is Courtney.

It is preceded by My Total Drama Island and succeeded by My Total Drama World Tour.


  • Episode count: 22 (+1 special)
  • Player count: 15
  • Main protagonist: TBA
  • Secondary protagonist: TBA
  • Main antagonist: Courtney
  • Secondary antagonist: Justin
  • Winner: TBA




Killer Grips

Screaming Gaffers


Participant Team Status Placing
Geoff Screaming Gaffers 1st Voted out
in "Close Disasters of the Dramatic Kind"
15th Place Non-Merged
E-Scope Killer Grips Returns in "Deep In-pact"
2nd Voted out in "The Lone Danger"
Trent Killer Grips 3rd Voted out
in "O Saboteur, Who Art Thou?"
14th Place
Bridgette Screaming Gaffers 4th Voted out
in "2008: A Space Audacity"
13th Place
Izzy Killer Grips 5th Voted out
in "Scream Teens"
12th Place
DJ Screaming Gaffers 6th Quit
in "Necessary Toughness"
11th Place
Leshawna Killer Grips 7th Voted out
 in "The Fast and the Fierceness"
10th Place
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 8th Voted out
in "The Revengers"
9th Place
Heather Screaming Gaffers 9th Voted out
in "The Crudes"
8th Place
Owen Killer Grips 10th Voted out
in "Spyfail"
7th Place Merged
Beth Killer Grips 11th Voted out
in "Kung Fu Pain-da"
6th Place
Justin Killer Grips 12th Voted out
in "Snagled"
5th Place
Courtney Screaming Gaffers Debuted in "The Fast and the Fierceness"
13th Voted out
in "Witnesses for the Competition"
4th Place
Harold Screaming Gaffers 14th Eliminated
in "The McLean Code"
3rd Place
Lindsay Killer Grips Winner in "Aftermath III: Studio Royale
Runner-up in Duncan's ending
Duncan Screaming Gaffers Winner in Aftermath III: Studio Royale
Runner-up in Lindsay's ending