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My Total Drama Island is the first season of RuleroftheBisons97's My Total Drama series. It takes place on an island in Muskoka, Ontario. The season involved twenty-two sixteen year-old contestants and twenty-two episodes (plus one special). This season's main protagonist is TBA and the main antagonist is Heather.

It is not proceeded by any season and is succeeded by My Total Drama Action.


  • Episode count: 22 (+1 special)
  • Player count: 22
  • Main protagonist: TBA
  • Secondary protagonist: TBA
  • Main antagonist: Heather
  • Secondary antagonist: TBA
  • Winner: TBA




Screaming Gophers

Screaming Gophers teammates
Beth | Cody | DJ | Ezekiel | Gwen | Heather | Katie | Leshawna | Lindsay | Owen | Sadie | Trent

Killer Bass

Killer Bass teammates
Beth | Bridgette | Courtney | Duncan | Eva | Geoff | Harold | Izzy | Justin | Noah | Sadie | Tyler


Participant Team Status Placing
Justin Killer Bass 1st Voted out
in "Cliffdiver"
22nd Place Non-Merged
Ezekiel Screaming Gophers 2nd Voted out
in "The Not-So-Great Outdoors"
21st Place
Eva Killer Bass 3rd Voted out
in "Drama Bowl I"
20th Place
Izzy Killer Bass 4th Left
in "Survival of the Craziest"
19th Place