"Saving Private Leechball"
Season 5, Episode 3
First aired 7 November 2015
Challenge(s) Collect unusual paintball weaponry in the forest and pick off members of the opposing team while stealing or defending a chest.
Challenge reference "Paintball Deer Hunter" and "Full Metal Drama"
Reward(s) Staying a night at the McLean-Brand Spa Hotel; a shorter stack of pancakes in the next challenge
Winner(s) Heroic Hamsters
Cameo(s) Brick
Exiled to Boney Island Duncan
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"Evil Dread"
"Food Fright"

The remaining contestants go to war with each other with a disgusting arsenal at their disposal. A villain tries her hand at manipulation, creating rifts with her partner. While a hero continues to suffer after losing his abilities, another comes face to face with the problem. A misplaced hero starts seeing another as a threat while a lovable lamebrain questions her worthiness only to win for her team. In the end, the host decides to make things interesting by having a hero and villain switch teams due to their behavior.

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Characters Edit

Team Character
Villainous Vultures Alejandro
Heroic Hamsters Cameron
Heroic Hamsters Courtney
Villainous Vultures Duncan
Villainous Vultures Gwen
Villainous Vultures Heather
Villainous Vultures Jo
Heroic Hamsters Lindsay
Heroic Hamsters Mike
Heroic Hamsters Sam
Villainous Vultures Scott
Heroic Hamsters Zoey
Chris McLean
Chef Hatchet
Character debut
Speaking debut

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